iTutorGroup provides easy access to expert’s on-demand through tens of millions of classes annually and more than 10,000 teaching consultants in 80 countries.

iTutorGroup products:

vipabc read more

the English language learning platform for mainland China, Asia, and beyond.

vipjrread more

English language, mathematics, and other diverse teaching services for students in mainland China between the ages of 5-18

TutorMing read more

the Chinese language learning platform, first for students in North and South America.

TutorABC read more

the English language learning platform specifically for Taiwan.

tutorJrread more

For English language learning students in Taiwan between the ages of 6-18

LiveH2H read more

Improving human to human communication with new ways to Meet, Share, Learn, teach, and hire online.

Company Facts:

  • Our students have 24/7 access to more than 10,000 tutors in more than 80 countries around the world.
  • The iTutorGroup platform hosts more than 16,000 hours of course content, all designed by teachers and rated by real students.
  • Our content is available for learning use at any time. It is constantly checked and updated for accuracy.
  • iTutorGroup consistently earns top satisfaction ratings from users for high-quality teachers, content and support.
  • The average student learns on iTutorGroup’s platform for three years, with more than 95% in recurring rate month-over-month.