iTutorGroup is the global leader in online education providing individualized, personalized learning experiences to hundreds of thousands of students and business professionals in countless subject matters through its network and sourcing of experts and teachers in thousands of centers, institutions and cities around the world. We do this by leveraging big data analytics and utilizing advanced algorithmic matching between students, classmates, teaching consultants and digital content. Since its inception in 1998, iTutorGroup has become the largest online platform driving live human-to-human interactions worldwide. iTutorGroup leads the revolution of education and live interaction with its human-to-human platform and service model. With iTutorGroup, anybody can learn anything from any device, anytime, 24-7.

iTutorGroup's award-winning education platforms include vipabc, TutorABC, and tutorJr for English-language learning, TutorMing for Mandarin Chinese language learning, vipJr for youth learning platform, and LiveH2H - a robust, global and open platform for live interactions and experts-on-demand.

iTutorGroup’s mission is to change the way people learn. We aim to break through barriers to learning for better access to education, enhance learning methods to improve students’ outcomes and results as well as drive efficacy in learning and live interaction.
We believe that the most effective way to learn is through personalized learning experiences. We do this by leveraging big data analytics and advanced algorithm matching between students and teaching consultants.

The secret behind our success is our patent-protected Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS). Utilizing big data, DCGS allows us to match the right students, with the right teaching consultants, with the right content on-demand. The technology uses predictive analytics from the feedback of students, the content selected as well as the teaching consultants. This allows us to personalize and individualize our clients’ experience, significantly increasing the efficacy rates of our clients.

The company was founded by Dr. Ming Yang and Dr. Eric Yang in 1998. iTutorGroup originally started as an online language training platform focused on English and Chinese-Mandarin language training and since then it has grown into the largest online platform driving live human-to-human interactions globally. Going forward, we believe live human-to-human (H2H) interactions is the next business model and we are here to facilitate this transition.

Physical schools are important and will continue to have a place for the foreseeable future. However, physical schools of today often restrict access to learning, rather than promote it. By 2050, the world population will reach nearly 10 billion, making schools more crowded, expensive, and with teachers in tighter supply. With iTutorGroup, quality teachers can reach students in need no matter where they are—regardless of location, time or a physical school nearby.