TutorABCJr launches “Virtual Classroom 2.0” 1,000m above sea level

Surrounded by 1,000m-high mountains, Lona Elementary school is located in Xinyi village in Nantou. Most students here are members of the Bunun tribe, and the school has the most aboriginal students in Taiwan. The school is also a host for the Vox Nativa Choir on weekends. The children raised their voices and sang loudly and clearly, as their teacher applauded. However, the teacher wasn’t in the classroom, but actually thousands of miles away in the USA. In fact, this is TutorABCJr’s Virtual Classroom 2.0 (online interactive classroom), carrying out education at a great distance.

TutorABC Branding and PR Vice President, Rose Chao, commented that TutorABCJr’s Virtual Classroom is different from traditional online education. The kids are able to interact with the teacher during the class. Students can ask questions and the teacher will answer them promptly. This is TutorABCJr.‘s first time to work with the Vox Nativa Choir, offering music classes to about 20 students in grades 8 to 9. And the class was taught by a native English speaker. It brought back the memory from earlier this September, when the Vox Nativa Choir sang with the Vienna Boys' Choir during their trip to Austria. The kids learned English while singing songs. With the Western teaching style and consultants from prestigious schools worldwide, they learn English easily, quickly, and without pressure.

According to statistics gathered by the Ministry of Education in 2014, there are around 2,050,000 kindergartens to grade 9 students in Taiwan. However, only 787 foreign English teachers are available. Even if distribution was even, around 10,000 kids would share only 3 foreign English teachers. Even in the university level, only 100 to 200 foreign teachers (2: 100 ratio of all university teachers) have been added in 7 years. Compared with Hong Kong, the ratio of part-time foreign English teachers is 30 times higher than Taiwan. This tells how badly Taiwanese schools need foreign teachers. The shortage of native English speaking teachers also can explain why Taiwanese universities are dropping in the world rankings. Rose Chao said, “Taiwan’s competitiveness is gradually decreasing and the environment making high-quality education harder to secure. It’s such a great pity to see this. Therefore, the technology team from TutorABCJr invented Virtual Classroom 2.0 in the fourth quarter of 2015 and aims to provide better education to Taiwanese students.”

She went on to say that TutorABCJr welcomes schools and institutions to apply for virtual 2.0 cloud classrooms. The customized online education provides foreign English teachers and is available for all levels of school, from kindergarten to university. If you are interested in virtual classrooms, please contact Aaron Cheng at 02-2367-7999, ext. 13287 or 0988-388-393. Email: aaroncheng@tutorabc.com

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TutorABCJr launches “Virtual Classroom 2.0” 1,000m above sea level