TutorGlass holds outdoor Live English chess course Foreign consultant teaches live chess class

TutorABC held a delightful picnic on 17th, September, 2015 as their premier foreign consultant Alan Missroon III sat before a chess set with a seven-year-old student and used TutorGlass to conduct a live online chess course. To start, Alan explained the rules of chess and how playing chess can improve not only one’s concentration, but also memory, both invaluable for language learning. The TutorGlass live stream provided a first-person point of view, allowing viewers to hear instruction as well as follow the progress of the game. The course received a positive response from the audience, especially from those interested in learning more than just English.

Chess is considered to be one of the oldest and most popular board games in history, making its way into culture and films, most recently in the wildly popular Harry Potter series. It is a two-player board game played on a checkered game board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Each player begins the game with 16 pieces: a king and queen, two each of rooks, knights and bishops, and eight pawns, all with different moves. It has been estimated that chess provides around 1043 possible positions, an extremely large figure.

Chess is a tactical game that requires and enhances both concentration and judgment. Like many strategy games and puzzles, it promotes analytical thinking and planning skills that have proven advantageous for people of all ages. The joy of learning chess via TutorGlass is not only in seeing the game being played, but also the English environment it provides for learners, making foreign language study a more interesting and rewarding experience.

Picnics are certainly nothing new, and neither is English study, but it is a rare sight to see people engaged in both outside. A pleasant, enjoyable outdoor setting is more conducive to almost anything, especially learning English.

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ToturGlass holds outdoor Live English chess course

“English is power! Speaking English is a fundamental skill to connect and interact with world. TutorABC is dedicated to revolutionizing online education, to keep developing new learning styles to make learning more than just a chore; through TutorGlass, your classroom could be anywhere, and the lesson content can be whatever you need it to be,” said TutorABC Branding and PR Vice President Rose Chao.

From cooking and fitness courses in July to board games in September, all topics focus on live interaction and interesting subjects. TutorGlass is no old-fashioned English class, instead bringing foreign language education into the real world with practical topics and plenty of interaction. According to the statistics from the summer courses, many parents joined their children for TutorGlass sessions, which are an excellent way to include the entire family in the learning process and engage and supervise children.

TutorABC believes that education and technology will change the world, that through the internet, the sharing economy will continue to gain steam, and that their expert on demand service will create a trend of the “expert economy,” allowing those with professional capability and expertise to share their knowledge with learners in real-time. The courses thus far have included topics such as fitness, cuisine, and now board games.