Global Exclusive! TutorGlass Live Reality Fitness Course

TutorGlass Presenting Chinese Taipei Cheerleading’s Perfect Tossing and Jumping Learn Hollywood’s Hottest “Kettlebell Sport” from Exclusive Foreign Trainer in 10 Mins

TutorABC held a ground-breaking press conference on 20th August, 2015. By using TutorGlass for a real-time online lesson by the chief consultant, Alan Missroon III, and a well-built foreign trainer, TutorABC presented the recent popular kettlebell training lesson. Alan demonstrated warm-up first; he stressed that warm-up is about booting up your body to get ready for exercising, which is crucial to avoid sports injuries. Then he used kettlebells to show how to enhance muscular endurance for some specific parts of your body, such as arms, hips and core muscles. The live remote teaching through TutorGlass gave all the attendees a real-time experience, as if they were doing this rhythmic exercise themselves. What’s more, people can get hold of exercising kettlebells step by step and pick up some practical exercise terms in English while observing the process.

Working out has become a trend globally. In the United States, working out is the most common form of exercise. Over 50 million members of Generation Y train with exercise equipment or by working out. According to the research from SGMA (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association), there are seven out of ten physical exercises are relevant to workouts in the United States. Many trainers strongly recommend kettlebells as the first choice for exercising since people can learn how to use it easily without getting injured. The media at the scene learned proper ways of using kettlebells through the subjective visual angle and a clear explanation from the foreign trainer. The instructions are as follows: hold kettlebells and squat, lean your hips backwards slightly, then use the strength in your lower back and hips to sway kettlebells back and forth. You should avoid using too much strength in your upper body. You can strengthen your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength or endurance with the right workout form.

At the press conference, the video of the 2015 World Cheerleading Champion “The Chinese-Taipei Cheerleading Team” was presented using TutorGlass. Chinese-Taipei Cheerleading Team has defeated over 70 countries including the United States, which had won the competition for years. Taiwan’s first gold medal in the competition was a momentous achievement for the Chinese-Taipei Cheerleading Team. Other than that, their coaches have been awarded “The 2015 Best Coach Award.” Coach Yu-Chuang Chang indicated that the winning key to the championship was their tough cheerleading choreography; moreover, team members’ passion for the competition was also significant. They share the same approach to promoting and sponsoring sports events with TutorABC.

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Global Exclusive! TutorGlass Live Reality Fitness Course

The team’s debut video showed that the champion team members were using TutorGlass to review their movements and consistency with each other. In order to accomplish those complex movements, they also used TutorGlass to examine the strength and gestures which have been enforced so that adjustment can be done accordingly. As for their coach, he used the live video feeds to co-ordinate team members’ positions and gestures and accomplish a perfect result.

TutorABC enjoyed the chance to display its revolutionary learning hardware, TutorGlass. It was co-developed by technical teams in Silicon Valley, USA and Taipei, Taiwan. By wearing TutorGlass, foreign consultants can pass all the information to the learners’ computers and mobile devices via internet. Learners therefore can interact with consultants on the other side of the world for real-time English learning. TutorGlass is going to merge the most popular sports into English courses on workouts. It will make learning lively and is definitely the most cutting-edge learning method available.

Rose Chao, VP Branding and PR at TutorABC, indicated that TutorGlass’ debut Gourmet Course on July 2015 gained great popularity. Therefore the second theme course would be sports and workouts related which not only covers the popular “kettlebell” course but also presents sports English for table tennis and billiards. Students can have fun while learning practical English through the renovated teaching style of TutorGlass. And you can both shape up your body and get to learn and use English at the same time.

iTutorGroup CEO Dr. Eric Yang was recently listed among the Hot Topics Top 100 most influential leaders in education technology for 2015. The criteria for selecting the 100 most influential leaders was outlined by Hot Topics as “Set up a ground-breaking edtech startup that has set a precedent for the rest of the industry,” “Utilize tech to make a significant contribution to the educational world,” “Be a driving force in the evolution of education”, “Invest in technology that is changing the way we learn.” Dr. Eric Yang renovated the traditional mode of education and set up an online education platform. He also created the patented DCGS (Dynamic Course Generating System) to tailor-make curricula, textbooks and consultants for learners around the world. iTutorGroup, created by Dr. Yang, has undoubtedly become the largest online educational institution in the world. iTutorGroup now boasts more than 3,000 foreign consultants from 60 different countries and 80 cities. In recent years, iTutorGroup has given over 10 million online courses.