TutorABC impacts education industry

A revolution has arrived in the global education market. “TutorGlass” was released on 1st July, 2015!

TutorGlass was co-developed by the TutorABC technical team in Silicon Valley, USA and Taipei, Taiwan. By wearing the TutorGlass headset, students can hear and see what the consultant is seeing through a computer or portable device. Therefore, students could interact with foreign consultants in the other side of world, to have a live thematic learning experience. It is a significant milestone for learning.

In July, the first series of courses for TutorGlass went live. Classes gave a demonstration of Western cuisine, detailing the selection of ingredients, cutting skills, entrées, main courses and desserts, and were taught over a period of five weeks by premier consultant Alan Missroon III who has over ten years of cooking experience.

Cooking while teaching English via TutorGlass allows students to cook from a subjective view and learn some cooking vocabulary words and phrases. The five-week course will cover chicken noodle soup, Caesar salad, beef stew and ice cream. Students will learn how to cook traditional western food while also improving their everyday English!

TutorABC Branding and PR Vice President Rose Chao said, “Through TutorGlass and the internet, consultants can present a real environment to students. Students are able to experience what the consultant is seeing. Such surroundings can give a better learning experience and let students apply what they have learned to real life. Students will also feel the courses are innovative, customized and practical. Each TutorGlass live session is hosted by two consultants. This teaching style allows students to experience our diverse teaching methods and also allows them to interact with consultants on the air.”

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TutorABC impacts education industry

First TutorGlass course hopes to impress students by presenting “Alan’s cooking show.” This is the much-discussed “expert on demand” system, which many predict will be a popular learning mode in the future. As TutorABC CEO Dr. Eric Yang mentioned earlier of this year, the trend of sharing economy and on-demand economy is increasing worldwide. In addition, with the increasing development of 4G and wearable applications like Google Glass, a new generation of “experts on demand” is coming.

TutorABC will be available to everyone in the world. Not only yoga, cooking, sports, and competitive games, but also any other professional skills could be shared long-distance via TutorGlass.