vipabc Named One of 2014’s Best Employers in China-The Only Online Education Provider to Win

vipabc, a member of the iTutorGroup online education platform, was recently named one of the “Best Employers in China” for 2014. In fact, vipabc was the only online educator to earn this award. It’s a great honor for iTutorGroup and vipabc to be listed among other famous international brands like Hermes and Michelin. It should also provide a boost for iTutorGroup’s ongoing international recruitment program. The “Best Employer In China” award is sometimes called the “Oscar Award of the HR Industry in China.” The nominees and finalists are chosen by and Peking University’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Employer Brand Communication Research Center. The standards for evaluation include employer image, employer brand strategies, organization and management, salary and welfare, staff training and working environment. For new graduates, the award can be an important guide when job-hunting.

iTutorGroup was established in Taiwan in 2004 and has built a global online education platform with its core R&D team based in Silicon Valley. iTutorGroup values all employees and motivates the best performers with bonuses and other promotions. Taking all the employees as business partners, iTutorGroup encouraged some employees by awarding “ten-fold salary” as their year-end bonuses and also offered stock options to outstanding employees. The new recruitment project “Elite Recruitment” in China is recruiting 500 online consultants, who will be attracted to the appealing 12,000 RMB monthly salary.

Walking into iTutorGroup’s headquarters, one would notice that the office is decorated American-style, being stylish, bright and spacious. The 24/7 cloud center represents the most innovative technology and impresses people with its attractive salary and booming business. Upon receiving the “2014 Best Employer in China” award, iTutorGroup opens its doors again to recruit more new blood. They welcome professionals from different backgrounds to join the team and build a brighter future together. In addition, these IT professionals have the opportunity to work in Shanghai once they are hired and trained.

TutorABC, a brand that runs a business across mainland China, the US and Taiwan, is dedicated to creating an innovative and interactive online education system. The company has been making great profits and attracts investors around the world. In early 2014, investors such as Alibaba, Singapore investment company Temasek, Qiming Venture Partners, and SBI Group have invested nearly 100 million US dollars in its parent company iTutorGroup, making it the biggest online education provider in the world. The group has more than 1,000 employees in Taiwan and mainland China. iTutorGroup is keeping recruiting more partners and aiming at the global market. With their strong business and high year-end bonuses, iTutorGroup wishes to attract more professionals who are interested in the IT industry.

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vipabc Named One of 2014’s Best Employers in China

iTutorGroup provides a user-oriented online English learning system. The group owns five teaching brands: vipabc, TutorABC, vipJr and TutorABCJr for English training and TutorMing for Mandarin Chinese. iTutorGroup’s more than 4,500 foreign consultants come from 80 cities in 60 countries worldwide. iTutorGroup has in recent years provided over 8 million online teaching courses. The teaching service is 24/7 and is famous for its focus on quality. iTutorGroup’s courses are now available for smart TVs, desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones.