Ten-month-salary bonus plus stock options - TutorABC CEO Eric Yang: Benefits for all employees 2015 Expansion and Recruiting

On the first working day of 2015, TutorABC CEO Dr. Eric Yang announced that there would be a bonus equivalent to ten months’ salary as well as stock options for employees in hopes that this will attract highly qualified candidates to join TutorABC. Dr. Yang stated that as a result of the collective efforts of all employees, TutorABC has seen exceptional growth in recent years, and wished to share the fruits of that labor with all colleagues. The announcement also stated that the bonuses and stock options would be offered in time for Chinese New Year. Employees were obviously ecstatic about the news of such generous remuneration. In years past, TutorABC’s high-performing sales agents’ yearly salaries have been generous to begin with, but even more so with the recent bonus package. Dr. Yang also announced plans for greater expansion and recruiting for the new year in hopes of attracting the best talent to work in creating the future of online education.

TutorABC, which has operations in Taiwan and China as well as America, is committed to providing high-quality, innovative online English instruction. The operations have recently garnered a high level of international attention. In 2014, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, Singapore’s investment company Temasek, China’s Qi Ming Venture Corporation, and Japan’s SBI Investments group have, in total, invested close to US$100 million. TutorABC is currently the world’s largest online education platform, with nearly 1000 employees in Taiwan and China. With an eye on the international market, TutorABC hopes to continue to expand its operations and attract even more attention from investors. We are confident that the success of the enterprise and the attraction of the aforementioned generous bonuses will bring in the most talented employees to assist in their future endeavors.

The TutorABC office in Taipei presents a clean, modern design with a spacious, central lounge area for employees, equipped with things like video games, a digital piano, and many TV screens, fitting for a high-tech company. For the first time, TutorABC allowed the media to tour the central operations area, the control hub for their international operations. VP of Marketing & PR of TutorABC, Rose Chao, expressed that the company culture is focused on the customer’s point of view, one that prizes creativity, expression, and positivity, all of which help inspire employees to achieve. TutorABC’s hope is for more international-level partners to join, especially with the goal of entering the American market.

Focusing on students’ abilities and needs as well as interaction-based teaching, TutorABC’s parent company iTutorGroup has a consistent focus on a user-oriented experience. iTutorGroup is made up of Taiwan’s TutorABC and TutorABCJr, as well as vipabc, vipJr, and Chinese-learning platform TutorMing. In total, iTutorGroup has more than 3,000 language consultants in 60 cities across 32 countries, all working as part of a 24/7 year-round online instruction platform. Each year, more than 8 million courses are offered. Alibaba Group’s Vice Chairman Joseph Tsai said “iTutorGroup has redefined the learning experience, allowing more people to have easier access to education. We are very glad to be able to cooperate with iTutorGroup and Dr. Yang, and bring their vision to greater heights.”

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Ten-month-salary bonus plus stock options - TutorABC CEO Eric Yang: Benefits for all employees 2015 Expansion and Recruiting

Qiming Venture Partners’ JP Gan said “From the first round of investing until now, iTutorGroup has experienced incredible growth. They are leaders in online education in Asia, and are in a perfect position to allow them not only to continue growing in Asia, but also to expand into America. iTutorGroup will become the world leader in online education, and we look forward to cooperating with them long-term.”

Profile of Boice Lin, Vice Sales Director:

Boice Lin, assistant sales director, has modeled for GQ, spent a number of years at IBM, and showed yearly sales upward of NTD$800 million before being recruited to TutorABC around a year and a half ago. In that time, TutorABC’s business has seen considerable increase. As Boice sees it, with determination, any goal is reachable, going so far as to say that in 2015, a 500% sales increase isn’t out of the question. Boice thanked the company for its generosity when he heard the news of the generous bonuses being offered.

Profile of Mareen Ding, Assistant Sales Manager:

Mareen Ding comes to TutorABC from a previous sales job, and is now in her third year with the company. Within six months of her time there, she had already become one of their top five salespeople, with an increased salary to show it.

In the past, Mareen was a teacher, and because of her familiarity with education, was a great fit for TutorABC. This background and understanding allows her to see things from the student’s point of view, and put them at ease. In her efforts to do this, she has spent hours on the phone with individual clients. Mareen says that the keys to interacting with clients are caring and listening attentively. Mareen was obviously pleased with her year-end bonus, and is excited to keep working toward greater goals.