Go Beyond Traditional Online Educational Programs with iTutorGroup Patented Expert-on-Demand Platform

● iTutorGroup opens up its online educational platform for people of all ages across the globe to educate across various topics and various formats

● New platform enables professionals, individuals, organizations and education institutions to provide free format lectures, webinar series and courses, live- and on-demand

● Platform available to individuals, content producers, organizations and experts worldwide at no cost

San Francisco – September 12, 2016 – iTutorGroup, a global company leader in online education and home of the largest online-learning platform worldwide, is enhancing online education and information sharing between people across the globe with its award-winning product portfolio. iTutorGroup is demonstrating its latest communication-enabling platform, LiveH2H – Live Human-2-Human during TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, September 12-14.

“iTutorGroup is enabling personalized conversations between people to share, learn, train and engage overcoming geographical, financial and even language barriers.” said Eric Yang, co-founder and CEO of iTutorGroup. “We have built an ecosystem via a large, data-driven online education platform to build the next-generation of live, human-to-human (H2H) interaction and enhance the approach to learning and sharing of ideas.”

iTutorGroup’s platform currently powers VIPABC, TutorABC and TutorMing – the premier language-learning education services. VIPABC and TutorABC is Greater China’s premium online English language learning education program with both professional students and K-12 students. TutorMing provides online Mandarin Chinese Language Learning across 20 countries. Currently, iTutorGroup’s platform runs thousands of connections per second, including tens of millions of classes annually taught by more than 10,000 teaching consultants in more than 80 countries.

By expanding the platform, anyone can offer one or a series of sessions, publicly or privately, whether sharing knowledge, expertise (Experts-on-Demand) or courses, whether for professional development, or all stages of education.

To demonstrate how platform can be used, during TechCrunch 2016, September 12-14, iTutorGroup will be demonstrating excusive LiveH2H session within the booth.

  • Hip hop dance lessons with Kim Sims Batiste, artist and founder of Culture Shock Oakland
  • Cooking lessons with nutrition expert and social enterprise founder, Heather Scott Arora
  • Daily yoga with Sheana O’Sullivan, a techie-turned-yoga and mindfulness expert
  • Live reports from TechCrunch, including interviews, live sessions and reports on notable technologies and companies presented at TechCrunch

“Use of platform doesn’t stop at an easy-to-use and free tools,” said Jerry Huang, COO of iTutorGroup. “Anyone can share their expertise via a LiveH2H session where attendees from anywhere can have access to live translators, in multiple languages, in real time. Platform offers endless possibilities for collaboration, including professionals who could use the platform for meetings, and to secure and manage business opportunities or client acquisitions by overcoming physical and language barriers across time zones. Since use of platform is free, there is no limit in using it for any of the above purposes.”

The full LiveH2H and LiveShare schedule for TechCrunch Disrupt can be found here.

About iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup is the global leader of online language learning. With global headquarters in Shanghai, China, the company’s education platform provides real-time, live, interactive language training sessions. iTutorGroup’s education language platform provides personalized language learning through its tens of millions of classes held annually. Founded in 1998, the company serves 100,000 active students worldwide, from business professionals to young children. The company has more than 10,000 teaching consultants in 80+ countries. iTutorGroup's award-winning education products include vipabc, TutorABC, and TutorABCJr for English-language learning, TutorMing for Mandarin Chinese language learning, vipJr for youth learning platform, and LiveH2H a robust, global communications platform supported by live translations in multiple languages. The company has raised $315 million in funding to date. To learn more about iTutorGroup and its products, visit www.itutorgroup.com. You can also follow us on Facebook.